Our Artist

Orna Shachar is a West Australian artist with over twenty years experience in Folk Art and decorative painting. This website features an array of Orna’s designs, projects and items from past and present. Orna’s work is constantly published in magazines, books and newspapers, and she has been profiled and interviewed in magazines such as Australian Fine Art & Decorative Painting and Australian Country Craft and Decorating. She is a well-known and respected artist in her local community.

Orna was the former president of the Folk Artists Association of Western Australia and was heavily involved in the organisation of numerous exhibitions and events for the association. During her time as president, she organised one of the association’s most successful exhibitions which was hosted by the then Governor-General’s wife, Marlena Jeffery. She has won many awards for her work, such as winning the People’s Choice Award from the Folk Artists Association of Western Australia for her project, Summer Day in 2006.

Over the years, Orna has developed several unique techniques for decorating metal-wares, both new and old. Objects such as kettles, tea-pots, jars, trays and watering cans made from different metals are treated, decorated and recycled back to life by Orna’s original designs. Another area which Orna works in is an original mixed-media technique she has created, combining silk-prints, lace and crystal stones, with unique two-dimensional painting to decorate objects such as jewellery boxes, vintage suitcases and wall art.

Orna has a strong educational background in art and colour theory, and these days, works primarily in the medium of acrylic paints. However, with years of experience in various art media, which includes knowledge of jewellery making, embroidery, needlepoint, oil painting, and many others, Orna’s artistic background is not limited to acrylic painting.

She has also studied with some of the great Folk Art and decorative painting artists in the world, including Slava Letkov, a master decorative painter from Russia, who trained Orna in Zhostovo painting. As well as being formally trained, Orna has conducted countless seminars, workshops and classes all over the world and has been teaching Folk Art and decorative painting for many years.

Orna is available for commission work, tailoring specific customer requirements with her artistic background. Orna’s products are also on sale in Fremantle Markets, Coventry Village in Morley, Western Australia, and in her home studio in Dianella, Western Australia. Click here for more details about these shops. For those who are interested in learning Folk Art and decorative painting, Orna conducts classes in her beautiful studio in Dianella every second Sunday. Please call or contact her to learn more about the classes.