What is Country At Best

We have been running Country At Best for close to two decades, with a dedicated number of clients and customers over the years. One of our key strengths is our flexibility in creating custom-made pieces, as well as providing unique off-the-shelf items. Although it’s impossible to display all the different types of items and wares we have created over the years, this page should give you a taste of our range and what we do.

Custom-Made Signage

There are very few small businesses that can create the types of handmade and hand-painted signs that we do. We have been specialising in custom-made signs for many years and it’s one of our strongest areas of expertise with many satisfied customers.

What makes our signs particularly unique is the fact that each piece is handmade, which means that no two pieces are exactly alike. This fine artisanal craftsmanship is a welcome change in today’s mass-manufactured world. When you buy a sign from us, you know you’re getting a product of excellent quality that is lovingly made by hand.

Country At Best produces and decorates a wide range of wooden plaques and signs for residential and commercial purposes. We produce house and business names plaques, property signs, house numbers, bar and restaurants signs, accommodation plaques, outdoor and indoor signs, and many other varieties. Each one of our signs is tailor-made and customised to the specific requirements of our customers. Our work involves several signage techniques:

Painted signs & plaques:
Signs featuring lettering and designs done via painted brushstrokes.
Wood burning signs:
Signs where the wording and designs are etched in fire onto the wooden surface.
Engraved signs:
Computerised engraved lettering that is painted and embellished onto the wooden surface.
Laser work:
Engraving of wording and designs via laser onto the wooden surface.

A number of different timbers are available for the customer to choose from. Browse through our Sign Gallery to view examples of some of these techniques and customised orders.

Andy's Bar Sign A mother holds her child's hand Country Style Cottage Signs
Ready-Made Signs with Phrases

Some of the most popular items in our shops are our ready-made signs with phrases and sayings. We also sell these signs in our online store and customers are free to request plaques with customised sayings, wording, decoration and wood stain colour. Country At Best produces a large variety of house blessings plaques, welcome signs, home sweet home signs, garden signs, children’s names room plaques, toilet, bathroom and kitchen signs, and a wide range of other home-related signs and plaques.

We also do plaques with religious verses, humorous sayings and well-known phrases. These smaller plaques make excellent gifts and are often bought by tourists and locals alike as original presents from Western Australia. Our plaques are made from local wood and each one is hand-painted and hand-written by our artist, Orna Shachar.

My house was clean yesterday May your troubles be less
Wooden Household Items

Our range of practical household and garden wares is wide and includes products such as wooden and decorated bread-boxes, potato and vegetable storage boxes, paper-towel holders, utensil boxes, spice racks, towel-rails, doorstoppers, tissue box holders, and much more. We have an additional range of products for the bathroom and toilet, including wooden and decorated toilet paper holders and brackets, corner shelves, toilet brush boxes, and so on.

We produce other practical items such as key hangers, letter racks, magazine racks, serviette holders, tea bags boxes, spoon holders, phone-caddie boxes, and more. We are willing to customise any of the household items to the specifications of our customers.

HHI041 hhi021
Metal Giftware & Garden Items

Country At Best has developed an original technique to embellish and decorate metal items in a variety of designs. We recycle second-hand metal items as well as new ones. Kettles, tea-pots, jars, trays, watering cans, antique milk urns and other metal objects which are made from silver, copper, brass and stainless steel, are individually selected to be decorated and recycled as a complete and colourful giftware item. These metal items are decorated in floral and country-style designs and then lacquered in a special bright and glossy finish.

Hand painted metal ware - Sep.Oct.  2013 015
Vintage Style Items

A few years ago, our artist Orna Shachar created a new mixed-media technique that combines the use of Victoriana silk prints, hand-dyed laces and crystal stones with two-dimensional painting using texture paste to embellish and decorate items in a vintage style. The stunning result of this combination can be seen here. The products on which we apply this technique include photo albums, jewellery boxes, porcelain items, wooden jewellery such as brooches, wall art, vintage suitcases, and many others.

These vintage style designs are particularly popular and Orna’s innovative technique in creating them has been featured in numerous art and craft magazines.

Hand painted & Decorated Lamp 010
Bush Furniture

At Country At Best we specialise in creating original bush furniture items. These larger pieces can be made with or without painting decoration. Some of the furniture and larger household items we have created include dining room tables, large wooden toy boxes, storage units and drawers units, bookcases, chairs, bedside tables, wishing wells, old-fashioned potty chairs, storage chests, benches, and many more. You can browse through some of these items in our Products Gallery.

We are experts in Australian timber with years of knowledge about different types of wood varieties and the best ways to treat them. The furniture we create is not cheap or mass-manufactured but special and built for life. If you’re looking for unique Australian furniture and personalised service for your home design, come to us.

Jarrah Table
Australiana Designs

Living in Australia, Orna has developed an affinity with the unique Australian flora and fauna, as well as with the Australian country landscape and scenery. Orna’s painting involves a lot of country- and farm-themed scenery and designs, which includes an array of Australian wildflowers, birds, animals and marine creatures. Australian designs are one of Orna’s specialities and can be painted on a variety of items such as prints for your wall or country-style clocks.

Australiana in Bright Sepia, Original Print

Orna was born and raised in Israel and later on in her life immigrated with her family to Australia. Jewish themes are an integral part of her artistic designs. She has developed original Jewish designs related to Jewish festivals, celebrations, holidays and religious artefacts, as well as scenery from Israel such as the Wailing Wall and the old city of Jerusalem. She regularly incorporates these themes into her painting on practical or ornamental household items, and prints and cards.

Shalom, Jerusalem Skyline, Original Print