Welcome to Country At Best

Country At Best is a Western Australian family company run by Orna and Arie Shachar. We are a husband and wife team, based in Perth, Western Australia. With years of experience, Country At Best offers unique products and custom-made items based on handmade and locally produced decorative art.

We create original hand-painted signs, plaques, giftware and household items made from timber and metal. We are proud to be one of the few small local businesses that create their own wares and produce original artisan products personalised for our customers. We currently sell our items online, in our studio and in our two shops.

As well as producing original art, household items and customised signage, we recycle and decorate a variety of vintage metal items such as kettles, tea-pots, watering cans, jars, trays and bowls. Our range of customised signs includes business and personal signs for the home, house blessings, bar signs, house-warming plaques, personal sayings and phrases for family and friends, humorous sayings, and much more. What makes our signage unique is the one-of-a-kind quality of the work: everything is handmade and therefore, special.

All of our products are lovingly made in our home studio. We value individual craftsmanship and attention to detail, and firmly believe that our pieces reflect our commitment to the art of handmade wares, whether we bring an old recycled piece back to life, or create a product from scratch.

Our extensive line of original giftware includes hand-painted and decorated jewellery boxes, vintage suitcases, country-style clocks and bells, kitchen-ware, bathroom items, and more. Our artist specialises in vintage and country-style decorative art, but can personalise any item to suit a customer’s own taste.

Many of our products have been featured in Australian and international art and craft magazines, books and newspapers and they are continually in demand by magazine publishers. These publications include magazines such as Australian Fine Art & Decorative Painting, Australian Decorative Painting, Australian Country Craft and Decorating, Home Beautiful, Antiques & Collectibles and Country Themes; newspapers such as the West Australian, the Eastern Suburbs and numerous newspapers in New Zealand and Israel; and a feature of our studio and art on the popular Australian television travel show, Postcards (Channel 9). Our work has also been featured in numerous exhibitions in Australia.

We invite you to browse our website, view our beautiful products and designs, and make your order from our gallery, or contact us to let us customise an order for you. We welcome all enquiries, so feel free to submit a custom order via our contact form. Don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow us there as we regularly update with new items and information about classes.

Our Artist

Orna Shachar is a West Australian artist with over twenty years experience in Folk Art and decorative painting. She is the leading artist of Country At Best.

This website features an array of Orna’s designs, projects and items from past and present. Orna’s work is constantly published in magazines, books and newspapers. She is a well-known and respected artist in her local community.